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It's been a while since we went to a dogshow, but this weekend was close to home for...


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Dekking Mucius Fazana

28-11-2017 19:46

Knut has mated with the Danish Mucius Fazana from kennel Shorais. Puppies are expected in january 2018!


After long thinking and almost being unable to make a decision, Knut was placed second in Champion class and won the RCAC. We also participated at the mental test, which he past. Now he officially is a stud dog at the BSD club in Germany!

One day after Knut became grandfather his 5th litter was born at kennel v. Patou's Legend. 5 males and 4 females were born. 


23-08-2017 19:19

Today Knut became grandfather for the first time!

Queen Mary von Lucy's Hof and Qash du Chemin des Sorciéres gave birth to 6 lovely puppies

Dit weekend is Knut 2 U geworden in de kampioensklasse. Daarnaast is hij geselecteerd voor de Sujet Recommandé (SR).


This weekend Knut became 2 Exc in Champion class. He also got selected for the Sujet Recommandé (SR).


Dekking Laika de Sincfal

25-06-2017 19:10

Op 25 juni heeft Knut Laika de Sincfal, van de kennel van Patou's legend, gedekt. Nu is het wachten op de uitslag van de echo om te zien of Laika daadwerkelijk drachtig is.


The 25th of June Knut has mated with Laika de Sincfal, from the kennel van Patou's leggend. Now we have to wait at the results from the ultrasound. Then we will see if Laika is really expecting puppies.

Geboorte puppy's

24-03-2017 19:01

Op 24-03-2017 zijn de puppy's van Luca (Knut) de Bruine Buck en Honey (Tarja) de Bruine Buck in de kennel van Von Lucy's Hof geboren. Het zijn 4 reuen en 2 teven. Dit is een herhalingsnest.

On 24-03-207 the puppies of Luca (Knut) de Bruine Buck and Honey (Tarja) de Bruine Buck at von Lucy's Hof are born. There are 4 males and 2 females. This is the second time this combination has been used.

Crufts 2017

12-03-2017 16:14

Vandaag is Knut 2e geworden in de ''open dog'' klasse. Daarnaast is hij ook reserve beste reu geworden. Wij zijn super blij met dit onverwachte resultaat.

Today Knut got second place in open dog and won reserve dog challenge certificate. We are extremely glad with this unexpected result.

Op 21 januari heeft Knut Honey (Tarja) de Bruine Buck, van de Duitse kennel Von Lucy's Hof,  gedekt. Het is de tweede keer dat er voor deze combinatie is gekozen. Nu is het wachten op de uitslag van de echo om te zien of Tarja daadwerkelijk drachtig is.

The 21th of January Knut has mated with Honey (Tarja) de Bruine Buck, from the German kennel Von Lucy's Hof. Now we have to wait at the results from the ultrasound. Then we will see if Tarja is really expecting puppies.

Winner Show Amsterdam 2016

11-12-2016 09:59

Vandaag is Knut 1U CAC CACIB BOB geworden in de kampioensklasse op de Winner Show in Amsterdam. Hij is nu ook Winner 2016.

Today Knut became 1U CAC CACIB BOB in champion class at the Winner Show in Amsterdam. Now he is Winner 2016

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